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"Fashion statements" exhibition - Israeli museum, Jerusalem

Exhibition by Tamara Yovel Jones / Photography - Shai Dror / Performance - Ben Green for Batsheva dance company

Photo 17-06-2018, 15 04 05 (1)_preview.j
Photo 13-06-2018, 20 36 12_preview.jpeg
Photo 17-06-2018, 15 04 04 (3)_preview.j
Photo 17-06-2018, 15 04 04 (1)_preview.j
Photo 17-06-2018, 15 04 04 (2)_preview.j
Photo 17-06-2018, 15 04 06_preview.jpeg
Photo 17-06-2018, 15 04 04_preview.jpeg
Photo 17-06-2018, 15 04 05_preview.jpeg

Exhibition at Cuckoo's Nest

Curators - Hili New and Ofer Ehrman


Robert Zlotnick | Sveta shelegovskaya | Lilach Pnina Livne

A collaboration between 3 artists who approach body and motion from different fields and perspectives, and yet share a similar agenda and asthmatics.

A photographer and moviemaker, a fashion designer and a performance artist join forces in order to tell a visual and an emotional story of the body, consciousness garment, motion and space. 

The collaboration took place in a dynamic pop up space at the heart of Tel Aviv for 3 days, and contained a showroom by Robert Zlotnick, screening by Sveta Shelegovskaya and a performance by Lilach Pnina Livne.

A singular encounter of spirituality, rawness, minimalism, roughness, simplicity, complexity, energy, motion and emotion. 


Sveta Shelegovskaya - started to practice photography 6 years ago. For her, photography was a curious, sublime discovery, which perfectly fit  into her desire for self expression. Once studying sociology and being inspired by existential philosophy her main interest were the human beings and interactions between them. Using the medium of photography and its ability to capture the decisive moment, she tried to study the interpersonal interactions, as well as the interactions of the individuals within the nature and urban spaces. After studying  a year in  the  MFA Photography  Program in Pratt Institute, NY, she understood that her real passion was cinema. She moved back to Tel Aviv where she is finishing her studies in filmmaking in the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television in Tel Aviv University. Being inspired by Russian, Polish, Iranian , Swedish filmmakers, contemporary art and philosophy, the visual language of Sveta combines storytelling, experimentation and endless search.

Based in Israel, Lilach Livne is a choreographer and performance artist who focuses on the relationship between art, philosophy, new-technology and community. Her works explore themes relating to gender, religion, pop-culture's image obsession, body perception and the abstraction as a political agenda. Her practice is in a constant research and experimentation, creating performances, lectures, public acts, meetings, praying books and video art - all with the aim to reach the "non-image". Presented a new work at the 20th Sydney Biennale, June 2016. 

A Story by Sveta Shelegovskaya for Oh Design Studio


models - Shir Stern and Sarah Maren Bruning

I AM NONA - Nona Chalant

House of Nona Production

Creative and Production by Ido Wolfman and

Ronny Chokron
Music producer: Guy Baron (Original Music)
Camera Director: Ido wolfman
Video Photographer: Shani Elimelech 
Video editing and After Effects :Ronny Chokron
stop motion :Galli Levy 
Dancer: Shamel Pitts (HOUSE of L'enchante' )
Styling | Hair | Makeup: Nona Chalant
Earrings: Ginzburg Jewelry
Necklaces: Gor-Mette
Latex coat: XFX Latex & Fetish Wear by Or

Feather jewelry:Dikla Rozen 

Tzvika Force


Outfit Design - 2012

Alternative / Indie / Rock Musician

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