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Robert Zlotnick is a multidisciplinary designer, art director, artist, sculptor, holistic & sound healing therapist and the founder of THE INTEGRATION METHOD.


At the beginning of his career, Robert was spotted and mentored by Israeli industry leaders and spiritual teachers, among them the former head of the Fashion Design Department at Shenkar College of Art and Design Tamara Yovel Jones, and fashion creator and curator, former head of the Fashion Department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Claudette Zorea. 

Robert presented his works at galleries in Paris, Tel-Aviv and at the Israeli museum in Jerusalem. he also participated in artists residency program at "Atar", the Old Jaffa museum of antiquities.


Robert’s creative process is an ongoing research that traces the affinities of the consciousness and the body, the tangible and the intangible, the spiritual and the physical, the ancient and the futuristic. His concepts come through meditation, spending time in nature and experimentation with different elements, materials and mediums such as fabric, clay, watercolors, acrylic, marble, furniture, crystals, and ethnic musical instruments. 


Robert's aesthetics and inspiration are influenced by a wide range of topics such as art, philosophy, literature, architecture, wabi-sabi, nature, crystals and mineral formations,  marble, fractals, sacred geometry, spirituality, quantum science, sound and vibrations,  alchemical principals, shamanism, archeology, ancient civilizations, movement of the human body, human behaviour, dimensions, space and time.


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